February 1, 2011


She is my sunshine...

Peyton and Daddy's song is Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Peyton and Mommy's song is Your Are My Sunshine.

She crawls up in my lap and says "Sing Mommy!"

We sing Rock A Bye Baby,
You Are My Sunshine,
Jesus Loves Me, and
Jesus Loves the Little Children.

But her favorite is Sunshine (as she calls it).

She truly is my Sunshine.

I great big giant heart her!

PS  Just so you know, this picture was taken on Monday night.  The second day that she wore this outfit.  Not the third day!  :o)


  1. She is such a little love bug! Good memories!

  2. My grandma and grandpa always sang You are my Sunshine to me. My grandpa even taught me how to play it on the dulcimer. I have sung it to all of my kids. It brings back great memories. :)

  3. You can just feel the love. This is so sweet!!

  4. Great picture of the two of you. That's so sweet.

  5. You are so fun Billie. I love seeing all the smiles:)