February 28, 2011


Peyton actually asked me to take her picture tonight.

I have been wanting to take pictures of her in her bed.

I really want pictures of her sleeping all snuggled up with all her baby dolls.

Today was not the day for that.  Today was the day to show off her mad jumping skills!

Her and her daddy have this little game they play when he gets her out of bed.  She jumps up and down like a wild child and then he grabs her and swings her out of the bed!  She laughs and giggles like crazy!

When she asked me to take her picture and I suggested pictures in her bed, she immediately said "JUMP Mommy!"

So JUMP is what we took pictures of. 

Yet another little thing that I want to remember.

And pictures are the perfect way to save those memories!


  1. too cute! love te motion, adorable!!

  2. She's SO precious. Cute pictures too!