July 28, 2011


Climbing on the counters looking for something to eat.  A pretty regular occurance.

July 27, 2011


Not sure what she is doing.

Sort of resembles some John Travolta dance moves.  :)

July 26, 2011


See that stuff on his nose.
Any guess on what it is?

Yes he is eating chips and dip in his bed.

Chips and dip in his bed is really minor compared to other things I found in their beds.  I have walked in and found toasters, bread, butter and knives in the bed before.

July 17, 2011


Peyton is modeling her new princess dress that mommy made for her.

July 4, 2011


We celebrated 4th of July at Grandma & Grandpa's house.

With lots of yummy food.

And lots of great company!

July 2, 2011


We are having a bit of a hard time picking a new paint color.
Peyton liked all the pretty colors on the wall.