August 23, 2011


My Broman...

Not an exciting picture, but it's just about all I get these days of the older boys. But it is documentation that he did exist in the year of 2011!

August 22, 2011


Flag football anyone...

Cooper's first year of flag football is going pretty well so far.

Even though he can barely see out of his helmet,

he swims in his jersey, and has no need for red football socks because you couldn't see them anyway...

He still gives it his all!

August 21, 2011


You have to love all day every day Kindergarten!

As you can see, the sugar in that sucker has no affect on him. 
He is rotten ornery with or without sugar.

August 19, 2011


The many faces of Peyton.

She has a bit of an eclectic style!

August 18, 2011


The first day of Kindergarten!

Do you feel sorry for his teacher?

You definitely should!

I always say he is as ornery as he is cute.

Wish us luck that we can make it through 13 years of school with this ornery little boy!

August 6, 2011


She wasn't really in the mood for pictures today.

Even though she isn't looking at the camera, I still like the feel of this image.