February 4, 2011


Drew & Brodey playing Battleship while we watched Toy Story 3.  I was thinking I was being very nonchalant about taking this picture.  But obviously Brodey caught me.  In case you didn't know, that look means "Really Mom.  You're taking a picture of this too."

PS  Yes Brodey's wardrobe is a little conflict of interest.  He has a Bengals shirt on and a Colts sleeping cap.  Bengals are his first love.  But he also loves Peyton and the Colts!  Peyton Manning that is.  Although, I think he is pretty fond of Peyton Mitchell too.


  1. I can't believe he still has this hat! Glad to see the boys playing together. Very colorful picture!

  2. I love seeing pictures of the kids doing things together. I remember playing games with my sister growing up. Fun memories! :)