January 29, 2011


Family Pizza & Movie Night!

All the kids piled on top of each other watching our feature movie of the evening. 

3 of the 4 watching at least...
One of them, I won't mention any names, was just running around being ornery all evening!

One of them was taking cover behind big brother for the parts of the movie that made him a little nervous.  And one of them was giving me the stink eye!

This one was on the edge of his seat by the end of the movie.  In the meantime, he was trying to dodge my camera by covering his head with his blanket.  But his mama is smarter than the average bear, and she has a setting on her camera called continuous shooting that tricked him in to thinking I had already taken a picture.  He uncovered his head, only to discover that I was shooting continuously until I got the shot that I wanted! 

nanadabooboo!  said with tongue sticking out!

Again, not going to mention any names about the ornery!  :o)

Our feature movie, one of my childhood favs...


Now you know why Coop was hiding behind Drew and Bro was on the edge of his seat!  They were both like that until the last Gremlin, I think his name is Stripe (the guy with the mohawk), was dead.  Drew was cracking up laughing all evening at cute little Gizmo.  Especially when he was driving around in the little pink Barbie car!

And that my friends, was a fun evening of family time! 

I wish there were more movies like this that all of us could enjoy together.


  1. So CUTE! I bet it was alot of fun - even for the ornery one!!

  2. Marley reminds me of Gizmo! I should have named him that! Great pics of your evening! wish I was there!

  3. love family movie night, especially when you get to share childhood favorites with them! :)

  4. I just love these pictures. Especially the ones of the movie. Brings back my childhood.