January 21, 2011


I love watching these two together. 
They are buddies.  Most of the time anyway. 
Cooper calls her babycakes.  And she calls him Coopa. 

He was trying to steal her popcorn when I snapped this picture and I happened to capture this expression on here face.  I have been seeing a lot of this expression lately.  Usually she has her arms crossed across her chest too when she does this.  Sometimes she even says, "not fair!" along with this look! 
Then Cooper replies "Life isn't fair Peyton.  Life is broken!"

After snack time, we decided to give the potty a try. 
She loves this little potty because it sings a little song when you do something in it.


  1. ROFL - thanks for the laugh! That look on her face is priceless!

  2. Just look what they make my little Peyton do! They are so funny!