March 26, 2011


Brodey took pictures of Peyton and I reading books today.  It is sometimes unbelievable how many times of day she asks me to read her books.  As soon as I sit down in the chair, here she comes "read me book mama".  How can you say no to that?

Then she said "me take picture mommy".  So after securing the strap around her neck in case she dropped the camera, and with a little more help from me, notice my arm coming out of the camera on the right hand side, she took this picture.  She actually did a pretty good job for a two year old that doesn't even know how to look through the view finder and can barely wrap her little hand around the camera to push the button!

1 comment:

  1. already training the next Mitchell photographer I see..... seriously though - I love the picture! She is so cute.